About Us

Our Short Story

Starting from humble beginnings, Aaron and Kim would make collections with a pickup truck. Now their business has grown, with three industrial garbage trucks and several routes throughout Ingham, Livingston, and Washtenaw Counties.

“Many people don’t realize, we do way more than just pick up trash”, says Kim Barker.

Titan's Trash will come out to your location and clean up. Whether it’s a foreclosure, death of a relative, or an estate sale, they get the job done efficiently. They will also come out to your farm and clean out barns or remove junk.

In five years, Titan’s Trash hopes to acquire additional trucks, hire employees, and gain more local routes. They also hope to secure a building or a storefront for their main office, located in a small town in their service area.

Our Promise

No Hidden Fees
We Pride Ourselves on Being the Best!

Not only does Titan’s Trash work 7 days a week, we also have NO HIDDEN FEES, guaranteed! We are a locally owned and operated business, that will go above and beyond the call of duty.