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Posted by:Teresa Miller, November - 30 - 2015

Free Recycling

Just make sure all your recyclables are placed in a clear plastic bag. We will pick them up with your trash, free of charge.

Accepted Items:



  • Newsprint- Including Glossy, Magazines and Junk Mail
  • Glass- Clean Food and Beverage Containers Only (clear, brown and amber) Please remove lids and rinse thoroughly.
  • Tin, Aluminum and Scrap Iron
  • Plastics – HDE #1 & #2 Only
  • Cardboard – Corrugated Only

NOT Accepted:



    • Plastics- Vinyl Siding, Hangers, Toys, Shrink Wrap, Flower Trays, Plastic Fencing, Plastic Bags and Automotive Fluid Containers
    • Glass- Windows, Drinking Glasses, Sliding Glass Doors, Dishes and Light Bulbs
    • Metal- Non-food containers, Gas Cans, Air Conditioning Units, Burning Barrels, Chairs and Garage Door Openers
    • Wood
    • Styrofoam

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